Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria That You Must Visit

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria That You Must Visit. Want Some Cool Places To Visit As A Tourist? Check This Post For More Information.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria That You Must Visit

Do you know there are many tourist attractions in Nigeria? Shocked? You need not be as this country is even labeled the giant of Africa. If you are willing to know some of the tourist attractions we have in Nigeria then you have come to the right platform for such information. I have listed the Top 10 tourist attractions we have in Nigeria. They are:

1.Olumo Rock (Ogun state)

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort (Cross River state)
  2. Yankari National Park (Bauchi state)
  3. Cascade Arochukwu Town (Abia state)
  4. Idanre Hills (Ondo state)
  5. Chad Basin National Park (Yobe/Borno states)
  6. Old Oyo National Park
  7. NOK Village (Kaduna state)
  8. Osun Sacred Grove (Osun state)
  9. Ikoogosi Warm Spring Resort (Ekiti State)

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria That You Must Visit

1. Olumo Rock (Ogun state)

Visit Olumo rock and you’ll be left numerous days considering over the marvels showered on the earth that we are living in. Olumo rock is situated in Abeokuta town of Ogun state.’ Abeokuta’ is a name which signifies ‘Under the Rock’. The town itself has a significant store of tremendous rough mountains, however the most exciting of everything is that of Olumo. Try not to set out miss it!

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2. Obudu Mountain Resort (Cross River state)

With regards to locales deserving of observing, the Obudu Mountain Resort Ranks top on the rundown.

The beneficial thing about this vacationer site is the assortment you find there. The amazing scene see from the streetcar, the cascades, the extraordinarily cool temperature, the covering walkway. It’s such a stunning encounter, that you’ll lament missing it even while in the grave!

3. Yankari National Park (Bauchi state)

Yankari is one of the most mainstream goals for sightseers in Nigeria. Try not to permit the current weakness in Northern Nigeria to prevent you from getting the chance to see this uncommon game park.

A ton of the imperiled types of creatures hardly discovered any place in the nation are in reality still in presence at Yankari National Park. You will get the chance to see a few creatures you never envisioned were even in presence. The great thing about the whole story is the manner in which these creatures are kept and dealt with in huge numbers like they’ve never been wild creatures.

4. Cascade Arochukwu Town (Abia state)

The old town of Arochukwu might be the last spot to ever enter your thoughts with regards to visiting, yet I disclose to you that you’ve missed something extraordinary for such a long time and ought not proceed to.

On the off chance that you are somebody who esteems and loves nature and rich culture, Arochukwu is perhaps the best spot for you to see. There are caverns, cascades, and loads of marvelous nature ponders and structures of our social legacy there.

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5. Idanre Hills (Ondo state)

Here is somewhere else deserving of visiting before one says goodbye to this world. The Oke Idanre slope comprises of high plainS with staggering valleys blended with inselbergs (segregated slopes and piles) of around 3,000 ft above ocean level. Its physical traits incorporate Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun impression, thunder water (Omi Aopara) and internment hills and grounds.

It additionally has assorted and variegated eco-frameworks of widely varied vegetation. One of the most huge locales that will definitely get your extravagant is the confused letters, accepted to be a strange penmanship engraved on the stone, which couldn’t be deciphered or perused and deciphered by anybody since it was seen prominently on the stone.

Likewise, there is the Arun River, which is accepted to have the characteristic capacity to recuperate different sorts and habits of infirmities and illnesses, and it has been visited by numerous individuals throughout the years.

6. Chad Basin National Park (Yobe/Borno states)

As I said before, the current fear based oppressor issues in Nigeria ought to never be a reason for you not to be at the Chad Basin National Park, Yobe express, “The Haven of Various Species of Pale Arctic”.

Why? Since you haven’t seen everything until you see the scope of species that this site gloats. Heaps of travelers from outside vacationers troop to this side every once in a while. They couldn’t simply remain back at home to be recounted to the tale of this uncommon site, thus you shouldn’t as well.

7. Old Oyo National Park

On the off chance that you adore and treasure prehistoric studies and the people of old, at that point visit the Old Oyo National Park, a spot where history mixed with culture in the most enrapturing way.

The recreation center harbors high backwoods and thick savannah mosaic forest that portrayed the biological system and furthermore offer the best climate for unwinding, experience and touring. There are creatures like primates, shrub hounds, wild oxen, and so on. It is likewise the best spot for winged animal viewing.

8. NOK Village (Kaduna state)

In the event that you have caught wind of the Nok culture and craftsmanship, at that point you are near realizing what The Nok Village resembles. It is the home of unprecedented craftsmanships like dolls, mold, artistic creations, stone works, and so forth.

You may not simply see how a portion of the functions there were formed by people like you. The site is actually a shocking one and you should be there to see with your own eyes.

9. Osun Sacred Grove (Osun state)

Some allude to this woods as the support of the Yoruba social customs. The thick woodland of the Osun Sacred Grove is one of the last leftovers of essential high backwoods in southern Nigeria.

Asking why it ought to be recorded as one of the top spots you should visit before joining your predecessors? A voyager is multiple times very much educated than a peruser! It contains the most uncommon wood carvings that will take your breath away and leave you paralyzed.

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10. Ikoogosi Warm Spring Resort (Ekiti State)

Being the keep going on our rundown doesn’t make this the in particular. The Ikoogosi warm spring is a characteristic miracle. A characteristic blend of cool and warm water in this shining spring is extremely amazing.

At the point when you get cold from the cool waters, there are detects that give out normally warm and alleviating waters. Your brain makes certain to be attracted to the adoration for God toward Mankind at this spot. It is additionally encircled by common excellence, for example, slopes and lavish grounds. Also, accordingly, it is a home away from home!

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