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Telkom South Africa Data Bundles And Prices 2020

Telkom South Africa Data Bundles And Prices 2020. Looking For Telkom Data Bundle? Check This Post For More.

Telkom South Africa Data Bundles

Are you looking for detailed information on all Telkom’s South Africa data bundles? Then you are on the right platform to get this information. I have put together useful and valid information on all Telkom South Africa data bundles and everything you need to know. We all know that we are now in a digital age and that technology has become something that is global. Every person all over the world wants to know the data plans for the networks they have subscribed to so that they can easily get access to the internet.

Telkom as a network in the South Africa is one of the biggest network service provider. Telkom’s data plan is one of the most affordable for you if you are in the South Africa. To make things easier for you, I have put together all the categories of the Telkom’s data plans below. Here is a list of them all:

  1. Free me bundles
  2. Wifi bundles
  3. Monthly recurring bundles
  4. One off bundles
  5. Time based bundles
  6. Telkom LTE Deals

Telkom South Africa Data Bundles And Prices 2020


One of the data bundles that is available on Telkom’s network is the Free me bundles. It is one of the bundles that most people do because it is quite affordable. This particular data plan is one that is valid for fourteen days and its price is R29.00. If you are subscribed to this plan, you would get 150mb, 50 free Sms, 150 minutes free to call mobile and fixed lines, free 150mb to instant messaging and VolP.

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Another bundle that you can get on Telkoms network is the Wi-Fi bundles. Some people actually prefer using Wi-Fi bundles than using mobile data bundles for reasons best known to them. If you are among these set of people, then this Wi-Fi bundles is for you. If you are a non-user, you can also use this Wi-Fi bundle by purchasing it from your debit card or your credit card. After you must have done this, you would be given a Wi-Fi portal which you would use to browse the internet.

This particular bundle goes for R15.00 and it would last for about 30 minutes while you have another that goes for R25.00 that would last you for an hour. You can simply use this on any device that can connect to a Wi-Fi,


Another bundle that you can get on Telkoms network is the monthly recurring bundles. This data plan works best for people that do not have the time and opportunity to subscribe to data plans every day or every week. Here is what this plan entails:

  1. You would have access to 25mb anytime
  2. You can only subscribe to this plan if you have exhausted the one you subscribed to the month before
  3. This plan is available for R0.30 per MB. Both new and existing customers can do this plan.
  4. This bundle would be allocated on the 1st of every month

This plan is available of R7.25.


Another bundle that you can get on Telkoms network is the one off bundles. You can also choose to subscribe to this data bundle if you are a person that has a very busy schedule as well. On this plan, you only receive data bundles monthly. Here is what is contained of this bundle:

  1. You would get 25mb anytime
  2. You can only get this bundle on a monthly basis.
  3. This bundle is also available for every customer
  4. You can get an out of bundle rate at R0.30 per mb.

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Another bundle that you can get on Telkoms network is time based bundles. The particular bundle is one that has time allocated to it. Here are the bundles that are time based bundles

  1. Hourly bundles: this particular bundle is one that is available for an hour. You would have access to 75mb anytime and it is only active for about an hour. This particular data plan goes for R5.00.
  2. Weekend bundles: this bundle is one that is available for only the weekend. There are four options under this deal. You can either get a 100mb for R10.00 or you get a 200mb for R19.00, you can also choose to get500mb for R29.00 or you get 1gb for R49.00

It is important you know that this is only available from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight.

  1. Daily Bundles: this particular bundle is one that is available for daily use. If you subscribe o this package, you would get 150mb and it is valid for only 24 hours. It is available for new and existing customers.


Here is a list of all the Telkom LTE deals and their prices:

  1. Wireless 5gb for R249.00
  2. Wireless 20gb for R455.00
  3. Wireless 30gb for R555.00
  4. Wireless 50gb for R759.00
  5. Wireless 100gb for R1059.00

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How can I buy Telkom data?

If you want to buy Telkom data, you should know that there are different methods which you can use to buy them. Here are a few of them:

  1. You can buy it on your mobile phone by dialing *180# and then you would choose the one you wish to purchase
  2. You can also log in to your self-service portal and then click on the purchase bundle
  3. You can also choose to download the mobile app and then log into it to purchase the data plan you wish for.

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