Disadvantages Of Military Rule In Nigeria

Disadvantages Of Military Rule In Nigeria. Looking For The Disadvantages Of Military Rule In Nigeria? Get Substantial Information About It In This Post.

Disadvantages Of Military Rule In Nigeria

Ever heard of military rule? Do you want to know the disadvantages of military rule in Nigeria? Then you have come to the right place for this information as i have tried to put together substantial information of everything you need to know about military rule in Nigeria. Let us first start with what military rule really is to properly understand this article.

What is military rule?

Military rule is simply a kind of autocratic government whereby military personnels or the army takes over the activities of a state or a country. In a military regime the person that oversees the activities of a state or a country us not called a president but is called an head of state.

It should be noted that a military rule cannot just happen many times except with the presence of a military coup. A military coup that is an over throw of the existing government usually a democratic government which could be violent or non violent by the militaryor the army. Nigeria has experienced a number of coup which made military rule possibleat some point.

It should also be noted that a planned coup that failed to take place may be referred to as a failed coup. Between the years of 1966 to 1999, it should be noted that Nigeria experience military rule without interruption.

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What are the features of Military rule?

For one to be able to properly understand what military rule really is, then we need to look at some of the features of militaty rule. Some of the features of military rule are as follows:

  1. Decrees
  2. Head of state
  3. Absence of opposition
  4. Absence of election


One very important feature of a military rule is that it operates with decrees.  It should be noted that as soon as the military take over power from a democratic or civilian government, the first thing that they do is to suspend the constitution which is when decrees come into place. In Nigeria, we have a lot of establishments that were made upon decrees. This is then to say that decisions are carried out through the use of decrees.


Another very important feature of military rule that you need to know is that it operates with an head of state. Like i have said earlier that the head of state is one that oversees the affairs of the state and that it comes just like the title of a president.


Another feature of military rule that you should know is that there is always absence of opposition which occurs in a civilian government. There is nothing like political parties not to talk of an opposition party as well. One thing that is usually associated with military rule is dictatorship which means tha you cannot resist the government.  All you have to do is to obey or else, you would be punished.


Another feature of military rule in need to know is the absence of election. I have said earlier that military rule is autocratic so there is no place for any election whatsoever because elections are associated with a democratic government. Military takes over the government mainly through military coups and not with elections.

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What are the advantages of military rule in Nigeria?

There are many advantages of military rule in Nigeria. However, i have put together some of the most important advantages of military rule in Nigeria. Here are some ofnthe advantages of military rule in Nigeria:


  1. Control of Corruption
  2. Regard for Authority
  3. Regard for Military Service
  4. Structure


Individuals are more taught during the military principle. One reason for that is the new establishment of discipline! It might incorporate discipline by death for any crime. Probably the best model was the War Against Indiscipline executed during the standard of General Buhari.

2. Control of Corruption

Military rulers can’t actually be depicted as holy people, they can likewise be associated with degenerate exercises, in any case, they have an extraordinary task to carry out in clasping down on defilement. Debasement was not all that generally spread during the military time.

3. Regard for Authority

This regard is constantly conceived out of the dread of disciplines. You won’t discover a great deal of serene showings against specialists during the military standard; thusly, it is not really conceivable that any tranquil arrangement can be accomplished during the military principle.

4. Regard for Military Service

Military men can get a great deal of consideration during the military standard, in this manner, the most regarded and the most well known callings during the military principle are associated with the military help. Authority and force come distinctly with military positions under this standard.

5. Structure

During the military standard, the structure is basic and the most noteworthy military position official generally gets the most elevated situation in the state. Hence, the dissemination of intensity is constrained by military positions. The higher your military position, the more force you have.

What are the disadvantages of military rule in Nigeria?

In as much as there are many advantages of military rule in nigeria, there are also many disadvantages of military rule in Nigeria which are:

  1. Constrained opportunities and rights
  2. Wild nation’s arrangement of government
  3. Applauding of war

1. Constrained opportunities and rights

The military guideline infers that everything has different sides, awful and great. In the military guideline, everybody loses all the sorts of opportunities, to be specific, opportunity to be alive, the right to speak freely of discourse, affiliation, conviction, self-articulation, press and other. The regular people have no spot or position to hurry to in a difficult situation as officials have a boundless force and are permitted even to execute an individual with no explanation.

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2. Wild nation’s arrangement of government

The greatest hindrance of the military standard shows up when a nation’s arrangement of government turns out to be uncontrollable. One of the upsides of the military guideline might be slowing down control and request into place. It can reestablish request and structure, however the most significant hindrance is that nobody has the power to check crafted by individuals in control. Military pioneers become amazing rapidly utilizing simply power which prompts more degenerate approach.

3. Applauding of war

The fundamental issue with the military guideline is that the military chiefs can begin to see a military system may turn into the main reason throughout everyday life. They can commend war to such degree that on the off chance that they could begin a war, they would start military clash.

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