Full List Of Nigerian Newspapers- Online And Offline

Full List Of Nigerian Newspapers- Online And Offline. Want A Detailed List Of All The Newspapers We Have In Nigeria? Check This Post For More.

List Of Nigerian Newspapers

These days, we find out that we have moved out of the traditional style of Newspapers to online newspapers mostly. Hardly would you see anyone that goes to buy the traditional newspaper anymore. Hence, the need for many newspapers to go digital.

Are you in need of all the Newspapers we have in Nigeria both online and offline? Then you have come to the right platform to acquire this information. I have prepared a well detailed list of all the Newspapers we have in Nigeria both online and Offline in this article. Sounds interesting right? Let’s get right into it.

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How did the Nigerian Newspapers come about?

You should know that anything you see today surely did have a beginning. In the same vein, Nigerian newspapers did not just come out of the blues like that. Hence, I have prepared a brief history of Nigerian newspapers. We know very well that it isn’t an easy job to get confirmed news for the publication of a newspaper.

The job of dissemination of information during the pre-colonial period was through the town crier. This particular individual was the one the traditional ruler used to pass information to the people in the village. This could take hours for this particular individual to go round the village to pass the information.

From the information we gathered, it can be inferred that the fact that journalist violence did not even start today and can be traced back to the advent of the colonial masters in Nigeria. This actually began when the nationalist used the newspapers as a means for fighting for the independence of our dear Nation. This period, there was rarely government owned newspapers.

We formerly used to have Newspapers in our hands prints but modern technology has taken over as many Newspapers are going towards the digital change and are opting for online publications. We should know that online Newspapers have more advantage compared to the offline. Although, we cannot totally switch from the traditional method because it would leave the less privileged out.

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What are online Newspapers?

Online Newspapers are simply referred to as the online version of a newspaper. It should be noted that an online Newspaper cannot be accessed expect through the use of an internet.

What is the advantage of an online Newspaper?

The advantage of an online Newspaper cannot be overemphasized as it helps to disseminate news in a timely manner as well as the fact that it can be done any time of the day.

What are Offline Newspapers?

An offline Newspaper is simply a traditional newspaper which involves the printing of News and headlines in a paper. Offline Newspapers are usually not expensive

What is the advantage of an offline Newspaper?

The traditional Newspaper helps the mass to be carried along with what happens on a daily in the country.

A well detailed list of all the Newspapers we have in Nigeria both offline and online.

  1. Vanguard
  2. The punch
  3. Tell
  4. The nation
  5. This day
  6. The guardian
  7. Premium times
  8. The sun
  9. Daily trust
  10. Nigerian tribune
  11. PM News
  12. Leadership Nigeria
  13. Naija Newspaper
  14. Daily Independent
  15. The sun news
  16. Next
  17. Nigeria world
  18. New telegraph
  19. Nigerian pilot
  20. Business day news
  21. National mirror Newspapers
  22. The authority Newspaper
  23. The Nigerian Observer
  24. Daily Times
  25. Complete sports
  26. New telegraph
  27. Blueprint
  28. The breaking times
  29. Osun defender
  30. Business news
  31. National daily Newspaper
  32. The tide
  33. Daily mirror
  34. The Abuja inquirer
  35. Daily post Nigeria
  36. The people’s daily
  37. Daily News watch
  38. National Accord
  39. Champion news
  40. The Abuja voice
  41. Nigeria 24 News
  42. 36 naija
  43. Puo reports
  44. The summary
  45. The union
  46. Biafra Nigeria world
  47. Information Nigeria
  48. Alabingo
  49. radio.com
  50. Complete sports
  51. Daily champion

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Which Newspaper is the best in Nigeria?

People have often asked this question to know what Newspaper i considered as the best in Nigeria. We cannot say for sure but you can definitely trust the most popular ones.

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