List Of FUTMINNA Courses and Admission Requirements

FUTMINNA Courses and Admission Requirements List of undergraduate courses/programmes offered at the Federal University of Technology Minna(FUTMINNA).

FUTMINNA Courses and Admission Requirements

We all know that the Federal University of Technology Minna is arguably one of the best technological universities in the country. But what exactly can you study there? We can tell you all about the available FUTMINNA courses, as well as give you information on the FUTMINNA admission requirements. Check this article out, if you want to know more.

About Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA)

The Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA) is an internationally-recognized Nigerian university, and is located in Minna, Niger State. The university has remained one of the most competitive in the country in terms of admissions.

The Federal University of Technology Minna has been official accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

Origin/History Of Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA)

FUTMINNA has some expertise in technological education. The University is an assigned Center of Excellence in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and has a center ability in the improvement of antibodies and drugs.

FUTMINNA was established in 1983, and the primary Vice-Chancellor was Professor J.O. Ndagi who served from 1983 to 1990. The administering bodies are the Council and the Senate. First and foremost, the University assumed control over the offices of the previous Government Teachers’ College Bosso, for use on a lasting premise. This site currently fills in as the Bosso Campus of the University. The principle grounds gidan kwano which is sited on a 10,650 hectares of land is situated along the Minna – Kataeregi – Bida Road

If you need information on the various courses offered in the university, you have come to the right place for information. Below, you will get to learn about the various courses of study being offered at the Federal University of Technology Minna ,Niger State, Nigeria.

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List Of All FUTMINNA Courses and Admission Requirements

School Of Agriculture & Agricultural Technology (SAAT)

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Technology

Department of Animal Production

Department of Crop Production

Department of Food Science and Technology

Department of Soil Science and Land Management

Department of Water Resources,

Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology

School Of Information & Communication Technology (SICT)

Department of Computer Science (CPT)

Department of Cyber Security Science (CSS)

Department of Information and Media Technology (IMT)

Department of Library Information Technology (LIT)

School Of Life Science (SLS)

Department of Biological Science

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Microbiology

School Of Physical Science (SPS)

Department of Statistics

Department of Physics

Department of Mathematics

Department of Geology

Department of Geography

Department of Chemistry

School Of Science And Technology Education (SSTE)

Department of Industrial and Technology Education

Department of Science Education

Department of Educational Technology

Department of Communication Education

School Of Engineering & Engineering Technology (SEET)

Department of Agriculture and Bio-Resources Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Department of Telecommunication Engineering

School Of Environmental Technology (SET)

Department of Architecture

Department of Building Technology

Department of Estate Survey and Valuation

Department of Quantity Surveying

Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

School Of Entrepreneurship And Management Technology (SEMT)

Department of Project Management Technology

Department of Transport Management Technology

Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Studies

FUTMINNA Admission requirements

Each of the departments and each of the courses have their specific requirements as made available by the senate of the school. The requirements are published and updated yearly by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. Students can access the Brochure for information regarding school admission requirements.

The Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA) official website is –


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