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Estate Management Salary In Nigeria

Estate Management Salary In Nigeria. Shocking! Estate Managers Salary Revealed. Want To Know More? Check This Post For More.

Estate Management Salary In Nigeria

Do you want to become an estate manager? Are you looking for information on what estate managers are paid in Nigeria? Then you are in luck as you are on the right page for this information. In this article, you are going to find useful and valid information on what estate mangers are paid in Nigeria and even more! Sounds interesting right? It is important we look at estate management in its entirety before we get down at what estate managers earn as salary in Nigeria.

What does estate management entail?

Have you ever heard of estate management? Of course you should have, Estate management may be one of the most overused terms we must have heard in recent times, what does it really mean?  Estate management is simply the operation, control, maintenance as well as oversight of physical landed property.

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What are the functions of estate managers?

You may have been thinking about what estate managers really do, well, estate managers are in the top positions of handling landed property. The estate managers basically work hand in hand with the real owners of the landed property and service. An estate manager is faced with a whole lot of functions but I have put together some of the most important ones. Here are some of the most important functions of an estate manager:

  1. It is the sole duty of an estate manager to set the standard of the workers that make up the estate team
  2. It is the duty of an estate manager to hire and organize trainings for the staff to be able to meet the demands of the estate team.
  3. It is the duty of the estate manager to handle financial matters like budget, accounting and payroll except it is given to someone else to handle.
  4. It is the duty of an estate manager to oversee and supervise what goes on within the team
  5. It is the duty of an estate manager to plan and carry out events for the owner of the property.

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What do estate managers earn as salary?

We all know that dealings with landed property is one of the most lucrative businesses for one to go into in the world today and in Nigeria specifically but do you really know what estate managers are paid as salary? Well, getting an idea of what a particular profession earns would help you decide if you want to work as one or not.

In Nigeria, people are paid basically based on their level of education, qualification or experience and estate managers are not also left out. When talking about the salary of an estate manager, experience is very important as a more experienced one would definitely earn more than a less experienced.

In Nigeria, estate managers with less than two years of experience earn averagely 125,000 NGN per month while more experienced estate managers with about two years of experience and above, would earn about 250,000 NGN average per month. This means that estate managers with less experience could even earn lower than 125,000 NGN or more while a more experienced one could earn less than 250,000 NGN or more.

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Is the salary really worth it?

Well, looking at the situation of the economy in Nigeria today, it is really not a bad salary to earn.

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