Dental Plaque Removal At Home: 10 Effective Home Remedies

Dental Plaque Removal At Home: 10 Effective Home Remedies. Plaque, a sticky, colorless film of bacteria, develops when foods that contain carbohydrates are often left on the teeth.

Dental Plaque Removal At Home

Are you dealing with dental plaques? Do you find yourself stuck because you do not have enough money to visit the dental clinic? Don’t worry! Dental Plaques can be removed at home, your doubting? Then you have come to the right place for this information.  But first, you cannot treat what you’re not sure of, so lets get down to what demtal plaque is first!

What is Dental Plaque?

Dental Plaque is a  film (Sticky)  that coats teeth and contains microscopic organisms.

In the event that dental plaque isn’t removed when it’s delicate, it solidifies and gets hard to remove. Dental plaque can harm a tooth and lead to tooth rot or tooth misfortune. The important point to note here is that dental plaque is no respecter of person and sadly, it happens to everyone.

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What causes dental plaque?

The causes of dental plaque are some of the thing we most times overlook. Some of them are:

  1. Failure to brush properly
  2. Eating lots of junk food and drinks (e.g, Chocolate)
  3. Drinking bottled water without fluoride
  4. Dry mouth
  5. Location of a tooth

These conditions can cause dental plaque in our teeth without us knowing.

Is dental plaque permanent?

No, dental plaques are not permanent and they can be removed at home and in the dental clinics as well.

Can dental plaque be prevented?

Yes, dental plaque can be prevented by regular visits to the dentist and abstaining to the best of your knowledge, everything that causes dental plaque.

What are the ways which dental plague can be removed at home?

  1. Regular brushing of Teeth
  2. Baking Soda with Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Using Aloe Vera
  4. Using Orange peel
  5. Flossing
  6. Use an antiseptic cleanser or mouthwash
  7. Gargle vinegar
  8. Eating sesame seeds
  9. Using an electric tooth brush
  10. Using tooth paste containing fluoride


It is important that one gets to brush one’s teeth before and after meals for at least three minutes.  This would to a large extent reduce the growing amount of plague in one’s teeth. It is also very important to brush at least twice every day. Regular brushing of teeth keeps micro orgnisms causing dental plaque away.


This method is one of the most effective ways to remove Plagues from one’s teeth as it does not just remove plagues but reduces bad breath as well. To do this, you can take a pincj2of baking soda first and add to your toothpaste, brush for about a minute and then take a cap full of hydrogen peroxide and gargle for about 30 seconds. You can also choose to brush with the hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Repeat this procedure regularly and watch how it performs magic.


Over the years, Aloe vera has proved to be one of the natural ways to improve health generally. From giving you a very hair to making your skin glow without stress and now to removing dental plaques. Shocked right? Well, Aloe vera can remove dental plaques from the teeth. There are various ways which aloe vera can be combined with other natural remedies to give you a perfect teeth but I’m going to show you the easiest, all you need to do is to take out the gel from the Aloe vera and mix with lemon oil and use it to brush.  Repeat this procedure at least twice a week and see the wonders on Aloe vera.

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Another method of removing dental plaque that will really surprise you is by using orange peel. You can do this by taking a bit of Orange peel to scrub your mouth.  When ypu are done with this procedure, then ypu xan go ahead to rinse your mouth with luke warm water.


These days, many people remember to brush their teeths but fails to use floss as regular as they brush. This can cause dental plaque to build up in a particular area of the teeth which the brush cannot reach. It is quite important to floss regularly as floss helps reach areas thatthe brush cannot reach normal.


Using an antiseptic cleanser or a mouth wash is an effective way to get rid of dental plaque as well, some people complain that these are very expensive and not many people can afford it. Well, let me teach you how to make home made mouth wash that can help you get rid of dental plaques

How to make home made mouth wash

Home made mouth wash can easily be made by mixing Aloe vera gel with a little bit of baking soda, distilled water, peppermint oil and tea tree oil. This should be done in a bottle so that you can easily mix them up by capping and shaking the bottle. It must be noted that for long term use, this mouth wash should be kept in the fridge.


This approach to removing dental plaque is very effective but most people might find it irritating and gross gargling vinegar. But trust me, its result is really worth it. To remove dental plaque this way, take a cap full of vinegar and gargle for about 30 secs and discard. Repeat this procedure regularly and see the wonders it will do.


Sesame seeds can be used as a dental scrub and it can remove dental plaques from the teeth without causing harm to the teeth. This can be done by just chewing a handful of them amd brushing while they are still in your mouth. Be careful not to swallow them. Repeat this procedure regularly and spot the difference.


It cannot be overemphasized that an electric tooth brush is way better than a manual tooth brush in the sense that it helps it readily removes plaques in the teeth more effectively than manual brushes would. Why not get an Electric toothbrush today?

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Using a tooth paste that contains fluoride can help strengthen the teeth and it also reduces the risk of decay of the teeth. Whenever you get a tooth paste, make sure it contains fluoride.

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