Criminal Law In Nigeria: All You Need To Know

Criminal Law In Nigeria: All You Need To Know. Check This Post To Get Informed On Everything You Need To Know On Criminal Law In Nigeria.

criminal law in nigeria

Are you in need of useful and valid data on criminal law in Nigeria? Then you have definitely come to the right platform in search of this information. As usual, we have put this information together in other to assist you with everything you need to know about criminal law in Nigeria.

It is very important that we as Nigerian are aware of some important things in Nigeria that would make us part of the system and fully participate in the affairs of the country and one of them is the criminal law in Nigeria. It is very important that we also note that there are two types of laws existent in the country that we have found ourselves which is Nigeria. These laws are:

  1. Civil law
  2. Criminal law

Let us then look at the differences between the two laws briefly before we proceed.


Civil law can simply be seen as a legal action which cannot lead to imprisonment or any punishment or any fine. These kind of legal actions include dispute on land ownership matters, landlord and tenant disagreement matters, employment termination, defamation of character of a person, breach of contract etc.


Criminal law can simply be referred to as a law that deals with a crime. A criminal law may also be described as a legal action that can lead to imprisonment, punishment or fine. This can only be called a crime if it is recorded as a crime in the criminal defense law. This simply means that if there is no law against such action, then it cannot be referred to as a crime.

Some examples of some of the criminal offenses we have in Nigeria include: cultism, robbery, corruption, kidnapping, murder, child abuse etc.

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What are the laws governing criminal law in Nigeria?

There are two different laws governing criminal law in Nigeria. Here are the laws that are governing criminal laws in Nigeria:

  1. The criminal codes
  2. The penal codes

It should be noted that the southern part of Nigeria use the criminal codes while the northern part of Nigeria use the penal codes.

Where are these laws gotten from?

There are places these laws are gotten from, some of the sources these laws are gotten from are:

  1. Religious sources
  2. Local sources
  3. Foreign sources

It should also be noted that the foreign sources are also gotten from a number of places. The foreign laws are often gotten from:

  1. The Nigerian Legislation
  2. The constitution
  3. International treaties
  4. The judicial precedent.

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It should also be noted that the religious source which we have listed above can be referred to as the sharia law. You should know when you have committed an offence and when you have not. You should not be intimidated by any officer that threatens to take you to jail for an offence you know very well that you did not commit.

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