Top 20 Best Work From Home Business Ideas In Nigeria

Top 20 Best Work From Home Business Ideas In Nigeria. Are You looking for a way you can earn extra income or start earning money online while you are at home? Either for extra money through a part-time gig or as a full-time online job, it is possible to earn money online from Nigeria. Making money online is just like the offline world.

Best Work From Home Business Ideas In Nigeria

Do you have the intent of being an entrepreneur? What is stopping you from achieving your dreams? Capital? Well, if you are looking for information on how to start lucrative businesses with little or no capital, look no more as you have come to the right source for this information. I have put together 20 best work from home business ideas that you can do in Nigeria:

What does it mean to work from home?

Working from home simply means that employee or an entrepreneur works from their houses, apartment, or place of residence, rather than working from the office. One thing about working from home is that you can work in your comfort zone.

What are the best work home ideas in Nigeria?

  1. Photography
  2. Blogging
  3. Livestock farming
  4. Pure water production
  5. Delivery services
  6. Make over services
  7. Mobile restaurant
  8. Day care services
  9. POS services
  10. Event planning
  11. Hair styling services
  12. Dry cleaning business
  13. Fashion designing
  14. Graphics designing
  15. Freelancing
  16. House cleaning business
  17. Cake making
  18. Card production
  19. Tutorial classes
  20. Bead making business

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Top 20 Best Work From Home Business Ideas In Nigeria


It cannot be overemphasized that photography is the new ‘’white collar’’ job in town, in the sense that you can earn a lot of money from it as people currently value photography. One good thing about this work from business is that you do not necessarily need a studio to be able to do this. All you need is your camera and other instruments that you would need to edit your pictures. You should focus on making your photography skills perfect and unique as your pictures will definitely speak for you.

This is simply analysed as; if you are an upcoming photographer and your work is nice, people would definitely want to patronise you more. To excel, you only need to focus on making beautiful and unique shots and make a lot of contacts with people.

You can also make collaboration with a good makeup artist as this would also increase your chances of getting jobs as many people who would love to make up, would need a photographer as well. The makeup artist can thus refer you.


Most people do not even know that one can make millions from this business. You do not readily need a shop or a store for this business. Hence, it is a work from home business. Being a blogger requires a lot of skills as well as putting a lot of time. Of course, you do not make money overnight, it takes a little while and requires your commitment.

Many people who started this business have stopped half way because they probably get frustrated after a while. One good thing about blogging is that it allows you work at your own time and pace. All you need to start up this business a laptop or a pc and an internet.


Livestock farming implies that you deal with animals that can be kept on a farm. Do not get scared as you do not really need a farm, you can start up by rearing domestic animals in you houses such as; poultry, fish, goats, snails etc.

It is a very lucrative business as these domestic animals are readily consumed every day in all parts of the county. For example, a fingerling is usually sold for about ten naira or twenty naira in Nigeria and Lagos in particular, when these young fishes are grown, they are sold for about four hundred or five hundred naira, depending on the size.

All you need to start up this business is experience, skill and patience.

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Water is an important factor living and as such, it is a commodity that will definitely move and boom fast. Pure water production does not cost too much a capital and it is quite affordable for the masses. You do not necessarily need a big factory to produce this commodity.

Again, you need to make sure that the water you produce is quite clean and tasteless to attract more customers.


These days, many people do not have the strength to go shopping by themselves and as such, they order a large percentage of their commodities online. Most of these online stores need dispatch riders that can deliver these commodities to the customers. All you need to do is to apply as a dispatch rider if you have all it takes for example, a bike or a car.


It is no longer news that makeover is one of the newest and highest paying work from home job in Nigeria at the moment. People that host events definitely need make-up artists for either their guests or the celebrant. All you need to do is get good products and skill.

Just as the success of photography depends on the quality of the job, so also does makeover service do. You need to be able to do a nice face beat to get more referrals as well.

You can also team up or collaborate with a photographer to get more referrals as well.


Just as water is an important factor for living, so is food. Everybody need food to survive. However, not making people can prepare the food they wish to eat and some people do not even have the time as well.

If you have the skill to prepare nice and quality meals, then you can go into this good thing about this business is that you can combine it with delivery services. You will get your profit from the mobile restaurant and delivery as well, people would pay for the food and also for delivery.

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Many working mothers seldom have time for their young ones. Some are asked to resume work as soon as the baby is about three weeks old. You can do well by venturing into this business as it can be done in your home as long as it is comfortable for the kids


Many people look for fast and reliable ways to make payments as well as transfer money, as they can no longer stand very long queues in the banks. These days, POS services has proven to be an easy and reliable way to make payments and as such, attract many customers. What you have to do is get a POS machine and start your business at home!


Events happen everyday, this could take the form of birthdays, burials, weddings etc. The bottom line is that people often need professionals that could plan their events for them without flaws. All you need to do is have the skill as well as have vendors that will help to grace the event. Vendors include: caterers, ushers, servers etc.

To spice things up, you can print your own contact card and advertise.


Many people want to make their hair, you can offer hairstyling services if you have the skill. You do not really need a shop for this as you can do this in your home for people that it will be convenient

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for and for those that it won’t be convenient for, you can offer home services and get paid for that as well.

It should be noted that hair styling does not only mean making hair but also barbing. A hair stylist can be a barber as well. You can also offer home service for barbing.


Dry cleaning business is also one of those businesses that you do not really need a store for, all you need is the skill and basically a signboard to point people to your home. You can as well do home service.

People might want to wash their regular clothes themselves but not cloths for special occasions therefore, a lot of customers awaits you. Why not try this business if you have the skill?


Fashion designing is the new name given to the old fashioned “tailoring “. This is the ability to meet the demands of your customers by cutting and sewing clothes to their tastes.

Fashion designers need to acquire a lot of skill as this business is not one that you can do with your intuition or simply take steps from Google. It is important to acknowledge that people sew clothes often and it is very lucrative. Another important fact to note is that uniqueness is key as there are many competitors in the fashion designing industry.


Graphics designing as well is also a very lucrative work from home business. You do not necessary need any monetary capital to start up this business. All you need to have is a laptop and the skill to do graphics design properly.

It cannot be overemphasized that for one to thrive in this business, you will need to do radical advertising both on social media platforms and traditionally (face to face).

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Freelancing in simple terms, implies selling out your work and services to organisations and getting paid. Freelancing could include: journalism, creating content, writing books and so on.

However, the easiest to do these days is content creating. Although, this requires a lot of skill but it can easily be learnt online. Freelancing is one of the most lucrative jobs in Nigeria as content is always needed to make News, pay is equal very good. If you can do a lot of research work and create contents that would attract a lot of traffic, then this business is for you. All you may need is a laptop, good power supply and internet. Why not give it a try?


This is one of the easiest work from home business you might want to do. An important thing to note is that if you want to make it in this business, you have to drop “shame” and focus on making money.

Many people may not want to go into this business because of pride, if you do not mind, you can do this business and make a lot of profit from it. For instance, house cleaning jobs in houses may include; sweeping, washing clothes, cooking, doing the dishes etc. If you get about 4,000-5,000 naira from doing this per house and you do house cleaning in three houses per day, that is about 12,000-15,000 naira per day. That is a lot of money for just doing business at home.


We all know that cakes are for celebrations and that cakes are currently being demanded alot in recently. Apart from the fact that one can easily do this business from home, it is also has a high demand and is very profitable.

All you need to start up this business is cake making instruments as well as the skill of making great and fluffy cakes. You might also need an oven. If you don’t have one, you can always improvise.


People celebrate every day of their lives and as such, you can venture into such business and make cool money from it. You can choose to make birthday wishes card, wedding anniversary greeting card, Congratulations card and lots more. You can always be creative and do this in your own house. You only need to market yourself properly in other to get enough customers.


Tutorial classes can simply be put as “after school lessons.” You can make this your own business by seeking students or pupils to teach after school.

You can always do this in your home to accommodate more children and make more money without stress. But, if you fell your home isn’t comfortable, you can as well offer home services and get paid as well. You can choose to do tutorial classes for waec students and jambites as well.

This business requires a lot of competence and patience. Again, if you do not have a flair for younger ones or children, i would not suggest this business for you.

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Bead making business has been a very lucrative one for a long time. You can choose to do this business anywhere you are. All you need is the knowledge (skill), some people are naturally talented with this skill.

You do not really need so much capital to start up this business.

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