20 Amazing And Mind Blowing Facts

20 Amazing And Mind Blowing Facts. Want To Get Some Amazing Facts? Check This Post Now.

20 Amazing And Mind Blowing Facts

Are you looking for reliable and mind blowing facts? Then you are definitely on the right page as I have put together mind blowing facts that I am sure you would not have heard of before. Interesting right? I’m sure you cannot even wait at this point to know them. Let’s go straight into them! Here are 20 mind blowing facts that you would not believe:

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20 Amazing And Mind Blowing Facts

  1. Did you now that the only animals that enjoy a lot of spicy food are humans? I’m sure you didn’t expect this one but humans are actually the only animals that enjoy spicy foods.
  2. Did you know that the only animals whose brain shrinks are human? Amazing right? It is said that as we begin to age and get older, our brain shrinks and that is why we have risk of getting cognitive dysfunction just like dementia and Alzheimer disease.
  3. Did you know that no other food causes weight gain more than potato chips? Surprised? Well, yes, no other food is as fattening as potato chips. This was discovered in a Harvard university study that was conducted.

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4. Did you know that it is not possible for you to hum while you hold your nose? Thrilled? Try it and see that you cannot hum while you hold your nose. The same thing goes for the fact that you cannot breathe out while holding your nose and closing your mouth.

5. Did you know that using bigger forks to eat make you eat less? Research has found that people that are usually given smaller forks end up eating their meals more than people that are given bigger forks. This is because of the mindset of the person eating the food that he or she is not eating much when using a smaller fork which makes them eat more.

6. Did you know that cell phones are full of bacteria? It has been proven through research that cell phones has or carries potentially more harmful germs about 18 times more than even a toilet seat in a male restroom? This is why you should make it a point of duty to always disinfect your phone regularly.

7. Did you know that the longest living insect present in the world we have today is the Termite? You might not believe this because termites do not even look like they live longer. It is said that the queen termite even lives longer. Studies have shown that a termite can even live for up to 100 years

8. Did you know that eating a chewing gum after you have taken a meal reduces getting heartburn? Studies have shown that chewing gum have the ability to neutralize acids that causes heartburn and also soothes the esophagus.

9. Did you know that dogs can smell or perceive cancer? I’m sure you are shocked at this one. Studies have shown that dogs have the ability to perceive the particular scent that cancer produces in humans. If you have your dog behaving weir when it is around you then you might need to see your doctor.

10. Did you know that boyfriends usually do more house work than husbands? Studies have shown that men after they get married reduces the time they spend doing house work or chores weekly.

11. Did you know that bees have the ability to detect bombs? Yes, bees have the ability to detect bombs just with their tongues.

12. Did you know that Naps can save your life? A midday nap can cause you to be more focused and creative when doing things. Studies have shown that those who take naps regularly are less likely to die of a heart attack than those that do not take naps.

13. Did you know that you would sleep deeper and better on a hammock than an actual bed? Interesting right? Researchers have found out that because of the way a hammock rocks, it leads to a deeper sleep and longer sleep than an actual bed. If you have problems sleeping, why don’t you try sleeping on a hammock?

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14. Did you know that newborns do not shed tears unlike toddlers and adults? Researches have shown that tear ducts do not usually fully develop in newborns until the babies are up to one to three months old that is why it is impossible for new babies to shed tears.

15. Did you know that a woman once jumped off the 86th floor in the empire state building but guess what? She survived. How did this happen? The wind actually pushed her back and she fell on one ledge on the 85th floor and she survived. Please note that we are not in any way encouraging anyone to do this.

16. Did you now that the reason the taste of the artificial banana flavor that we all know is very different from the normal taste from natural bananas is because the artificial banana flavor is actually based on a particular banana that was wiped out by a plague in the 1950’s. so there was actually a particular banana that tasted exactly like the artificial banana flavor we have today.

17. Did you know that coffee changes one’s taste? Amazing right? This is why we always love to eat something that is sweet while having a drink of coffee.

18. Did you know that monkeys see faces in objects that are inanimate? Monkeys many times see optical illusions and this is because they always fear for their lives. They practically imagine everything around them to be their enemies.

19. Did you know that a human’s brain reacts to verbal and non-verbal assignments in different ways? This is basically the reason why we understand sign language better on a sub conscious level.

20. Did you know that the hair structure of a new born changes totally during the first 12 months? You might be surprised that the Color also changes.

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